Dr. Cesar Lozano is the host of Por El Placer de Vivir show. A one-hour program dedicated to inspiring listeners to embrace the power of life‚Äôs positive triggers and secure self-love in order to live a more fulfilled life. Dr. Lozano‚Äôs dynamic and captivating personality is what makes him such a powerful influencer to Hispanics. When people listen to him, they find the courage and wisdom to be the best version of them through happiness.

Por El Placer de Vivir radio show has gained tremendous popularity as it authentically engages listeners with an eclectic blend of motivational messaging and music. The radio show airs in 59 stations, and 38 markets and covers 75% of top U.S. Hispanic DMAs including Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, McAllen, and Atlanta. Dr. Lozano is one of the most requested speakers in the U.S. and Latin America and has awakened the power of positive thinking in the lives of many. Listen to him on weekdays at 11 am on Digital 94.9 FM.